General hiring policy

At Varadero Yacht Charter we work with sports boat rental operators who have all their boats legally registered and insured. The contracts are signed between the client and directly the nautical operator, the agency, varaderoyachtcharter, being aware of it at all times. The legal and contractual responsibilities that appear in said Rental contracts are the responsibility of the nautical operator, who is solely responsible. will supervise and provide the necessary support in each of the contracts, both to the client and the operator, so that the rental contracted meets what was contracted and is a success for both parties. All data provided by the client such as email, bank account, telephone numbers, address, will be for the exclusive use of the contracted rental, after which they will be archived and will not be published or commercialized, without express authorization from the client. Web content. The content of the texts and images on our website have been prepared by our technicians and qualified personnel. It is understood that they may be modified at any time, adjusting them to updates of the sector and fleets, any similarity to other content on websites dedicated to the same sector. , are purely coincidental, since the descriptions of the types of yachts and their rental modalities are generally of the same content, being the same generic, for any boat or rental. Due to the aforementioned, our texts and images are not protected by any copyright, generic and general knowledge contents should not be understood as anyone's right and if general consultation is made so that the client can choose what best suits their needs. needs.

In the case of cancellations, the client will comply with what is indicated in the contract of the company that owns the boat, in the case of Cienfuegos vessels, the contracts are binding between the client and the charter company, with Varaderoyachtcharter being a mediating agency in the rental, for which you receive a commission for said service, any firm reservation duly processed by varaderoyachtchar that is canceled once all contracts have been executed, will have a retention of €300 for administration expenses, the client is strongly recommended to review the conditions in cancellations, due to bad weather, disasters, wars, acts of force majeure or in the case of technical or operational problems that prevent the service from being offered under the contracted terms. In the case of Varadero or Cayo Santa Maria, the established regulations offer a refund of the money in case of bad weather, a change of dates or if it is not possible due to the clients' stay. In the event that payment is made by credit card or bank transfer, the costs incurred are the responsibility of the client. If the boat to be rented presents a technical problem, it will be exchanged for a similar one, if this is not possible and the The vessel was smaller in size, but offering the same service, the differential for changing the vessel would be paid to the client.

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