Cuban gastronomy


The traditional Cuban food

Is based on rice, beans, plantains and pork. There are multiple combinations without neglecting other products such as chicken, goat, lobster or shrimp, and of course salads, Cubans are very fond of having something sweet for dessert after lunch and for this they have developed some "homemade" desserts of unquestionable flavor and originality, such as guava with white cheese, bomba fruit sweet (Papaya), guava little pieces, rice pudding... in this blog we will show some of the most traditional recipes, as well as some restaurants that from my own experience are places to taste exquisite Cuban food...

Shrimp enchilado, with white rice

Is a very traditional dish in Cuba, although the title of "enchilado" may indicate, as they say in Mexico, that it is spicy, not at all since Cuban food is not based on spicy at all.

Shrimps with white rice

White rice, black beans and ground beef

We are in front of what could be described as the most traditional food for a Cuban, the combination of white rice and black beans is delicious if we also add the hash, we are in front of a traditional dish of the Creole and Cuban culture especially.

White rice, beans and hash