Regata L'Ampolla-Columbretes-La Rápita

Notice of regata, from June 2 to 4, 2023.

Cruiser Class - Level 3

The Club Nautic L'Ampolla, in collaboration with Sant Carles Marina, organizes the L'Ampolla - Columbretes- La Ràpita crossing for the cruiser class, classified as level 3.


I. ORGANISMS. The Club Nàutic l'Ampolla creates for this regatta a Regatta Committee and a Protest Committee with the powers granted to them by rule 88.2 (b) of the Sailing Regatta (RRS) regulations.

II. RESPONSIBILITY. All the participants in the regatta do it at their own risk and their own responsibility (Rules 3 and 4 of the RRS).

The Organizing Committee or any person or body involved in the organization of the event, declines any responsibility for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that may occur to people or things, both on land and at sea, as a result of participation in the covered event. by these Sailing Instructions.



This journey will take place in the waters of "Baix Ebre", "Montsià" "Columbretes"


2.1 The regatta will be governed by:

a) The ISAF Sailing Regatta Regulations (RRS 2013-2016).

b) Prescriptions of the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation

c) Prescriptions of the Sports Guide of the Catalan Sailing Federation.

d) RI and ORC Measurement Regulations.

e) RFEV Technical Cruise Regulations

f) Regulations for the prevention of collisions at sea (RIPAM)

g) ISAF Safety Rules.

h) The Sailing Instructions

2.2 The penalty provided for in RRS rule 44.2 will be applied:

The Yacht that wants to be exonerated will make 2 complete turns with two tacks ahead and two gybes. The offender must submit a document explaining the incident and when and how the penalty has been served within the period for submitting protests to the Protest Committee. The presentation of this document will not be, in principle, a reason for disqualification, but the penalty will not be considered fulfilled in case of protest.


3.1 Those registered and registered yachts can participate in accordance with the Notice of Race.

3.2 The skipper of each yacht or person in charge, will personally sign the registration confirmation and provide the following documentation to the Club Nàutic Ampolla offices:

- Valid Navigability Certificate for vessels that are required to have it.

- Boat Insurance Certificate with minimum Civil Liability coverage amounting to 336,556.66 Euros and covering participation in regattas.

If any vessel that wishes to participate has not been authorized by its insurer to participate in coastal regattas, FREEDOM SEA, Subscription Agency, sponsor of the regatta, in order to encourage and facilitate participation, offers this complementary coverage for this regatta free of charge, regardless Which is the main insurance company of the boat. To request coverage, you must send an email to and you will be told how to proceed to obtain the certificate accrediting coverage.

- RI rating certificate from 2021 to 2022. Boats without a Certificate to which the organization will assign a rating that will be final and higher than that of the similar boat that does have it may also participate.

- Final Registration Sheet signed and completed. To request coverage, you must request it by e-mail

The registration cost is €120 per boat (includes two tickets for the trophy delivery dinner).

The cost of each additional ticket for the trophy delivery dinner is €45.

The deposit of the registration and the dinner tickets must be made to the account number ES50 2100 1411 4102 0000 6011 of Club Nàutic Ampolla and send the receipt together with the other documentation.

The registration period ends on May 31 at 8:00 p.m. Places are limited and will be assigned in strict order of payment.

Any vessel that has not registered and delivered the required documentation, within the allotted period of time, will not be able to start.



6:00 p.m. – Skipper meeting.

8:00 p.m. – Start of the regatta


12:00 pm – Deadline for arrival.

3:00 p.m. – Trophy delivery at the Sant Carles Marina facilities.


The regatta route will begin in front of the port of L'Ampolla and after going up the Cabo Tortosa Lighthouse, which must be left to starboard, it will head towards the Columbretas Islands to leave them to starboard once the greater Columbrete, continuing towards La Rapita where the finish line is located.

5.1 Markings OF INTEREST

L’AMPOLLA (Bocana) N.40 º 48'37, 0 "E.0 º 42'32, 7"

El Fangar Lighthouse N.40 º 47'25, 8 "E0 º 46'20, 9"

Marking south of Columbrete Gran 39ª 53`25 N, 0ª41`12E Obligation to leave it to starboard.

Sant Carles de La Ràpita (Bocana) N.00 º xx'x " E xº xx'xx"


6.1 The starts will be given in accordance with this section,

a) The times will be timed from the acoustic signals. The failure of an acoustic signal will not be a reason to request repair. The departure procedure will be transmitted to the extent possible by radio channel 69 VHF

b) See annex departure procedure.

6.2 No yacht will not leave later than 15 minutes from its valid starting signal, those that do so will be considered DNS.

6.3 If the conditions are unfavorable, the boats of the Committee in starting position will be able to maintain the same position using the engine.

6.4 The Race Committee may rectify the starting line during the attention period.

6.5 The starting line will be located near the entrance, although it may be located in the waters of the Bahía de L'Ampolla, between the Race Committee boat and the orange buoy, if the wind conditions so advise.


Rule 30.1 applies.


The finish line will be the line between the green lighthouse at the mouth of the port of La Rápita and a red buoy that will be located in front of it in the 115º direction.


The regatta will end for all participants at 3:00 p.m.


10.1 They may be made in accordance with Rules 60, 61 and 62 with the following modifications and extensions:

10.2 A yacht intending to protest must inform the Committee boat at the time of crossing the finish line which boat or boats she wishes to protest to. (Mod. Rule 61.1 (a) of the RRS).

A yacht that does not finish and intends to protest must inform the Race Office immediately, after arriving ashore, of the boat or boats against which she wishes to protest (mod. Rule 61.1 (a) of the RRS). .

10.3 Protests and claims will be submitted in writing on forms that will be available at the Race Office and will be submitted within the established time.

10.4 Deadline for filing protests and/or reparations:

a) It will be one hour from the moment the yacht crosses the finish line.

10.5 In compliance with Rule 61.1 (b) of the RRS, the notice of Protests from the Race Committee and/or the Protest Committee will be posted on the TOA.

This cut-off time will apply to:

I. Claims between yachts

II. Claims requests for acts or omissions produced at sea.

III. Protests from the Race Committee or the Protest Committee.

b) The deadline to submit a request for claim for any act produced on land, will end 30 minutes after the presentation of the classifications.

10.6 All patrons or representatives must remain at the disposal of the Protest Committee in the club premises until it is notified that this situation has ended.

10.7 Repair requests that involve changes in the General Classification, after its exposure in the TOA, will be made within a period of 24 hours after its publication.


11.1 The classification will be by compensated time, the Time over Distance system will be applied according to RI.

11.2 The scoring system established in Appendix A4.1 of the RRS, Low score, will be applied.


If a yacht retires or there is an incident during the voyage for any reason, it will announce it on VHF channel 69 to the entire participating Fleet and the Race Committee. In the event of not receiving confirmation from the Race Committee via radio, they will call the following mobile (646706838).


The Sailing Instructions will be available to the participants 4 hours before the race at the Race Office and on the Vent de Dalt page.


Throwing rubbish and waste into the water during the entire competition is prohibited. The penalty for breaching this Sailing Instruction will be decided by the Protest Committee, and may be the disqualification of the races held that day or any other day deemed appropriate.


A boat that is racing will NOT receive radio communications that are not available to the entire fleet. In VHF the channel to use is CH 69.


The organization reserves the right to create the classes it deems appropriate for classification purposes as long as there is a minimum of three registered boats within each category.

For the purpose of awarding trophies, there will be a minimum of three corresponding to the first three classified in the general classification.

Likewise, the organization reserves the right to make changes to this notice of race up to 48 hours before the skippers' meeting.

In the event that the modification is agreed at the skippers' meeting itself, it must have the acceptance of two thirds of those present.


The Club Nàutic L'Ampolla makes free mooring available to participants from May 28 until the start of the regatta.

Marina Sant Carles makes free mooring available to participants from the day of arrival until June 10.

The Organizing Club



If you wish to participate as a crew member, please: send an email to and we will include you in the list of crew members. It is essential that you clearly write your name and surname in your email, if you have a degree or experience, telephone number and email.

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