Different ways of moving in Cuba



Regular bus service, connecting all the provincial capitals and the Varadero resort, daily departures with connections between different cities, an economical and comfortable way to travel, Leaving Havana you can visit Viñales, Varadero, Trinidad, Cienfuegos or for journeys longer even to the second most important city in Cuba, Santiago de Cuba in the east of the island.

Viazul bus, Cuba


The fleet of official taxis offers services both at airports and in the different capitals of Cuba, they are normally comfortable vehicles with air conditioning and with different capacities, it is always recommended that the client agree on a price with the driver.

Yellow taxis, in all Cuba


Private cars are mostly classic cars, some in good condition, others, as they say in Cuba, are "CUBANO" maintained. In the case of these vehicles, our recommendation is not to rent them for long journeys, given the possible state of maintenance and fuel difficulties, although the owners of these cars tried to offer the customer an experience that the tourist would hardly find elsewhere.

Classic cards for rent, always with driver, Cuba


Cuba has a wide range of buses for exclusive small groups, with a driver and guide that can provide a guided tour service, normally these are the vehicles that we use in Varadero Yacht Charter for our exclusive groups, they are modern vehicles equipped with air conditioning and large trunk for your luggage.

Mini vans for a private groups


Cuba has offices for car rental both in the main airports, as well as in different Cuban agencies, such as Transtur, Havanatur, Cubatur or Gaviota, the client must keep in mind when renting a vehicle the rules that he will be recommended to follow when driving, such as They are the state of the roads, the few traffic signals and most importantly, be very alert if you drive at night due to loose animals or people who circulate on bicycles or carriages that normally have poor visibility.

Car renta office in Havana


There are different ways of moving within the city, among them we have highlighted the COCO TAXI, a Cuban design vehicle, with characteristics equal to a tricycle with capacity for two or a maximum of three people, very practical and of course always adjust the price of the tour with driver.

The motorcycle is another of the classic means used a lot by tourists, especially young people, it is an economical and easy way to get to know parts of the city as well as its people, it is normally rented by the hour, although you can also rent it for days , the use of the case is mandatory, both the driver and the passenger

More used by Cubans, although some tourists who want to have a more direct contact in the ways and ways of moving around the nationals, also use horse carts, in some towns such as Cardenas in the Province of Matanzas it is the emblem of the city , due to the tradition of using this transport and the number of them that circulate through the city

The BICITAXI and MOTOTAXI are widely used in towns and cities, both are Cubans who have a license to transport passengers, normally Cubans, although some tourists want to experiment and use it in the case of the MOTOTAXI, they must wear the helmet properly. obligatory and the routes as well as the BICITAXI have a value of 2 American dollars.