field and beach

Discover Cuba

Cuba, the different island, its people, culture and generosity are just some of the reasons that make it unique.

Our first impression when we interact with Cubans

One of the first discoveries upon arrival in Cuba will be the hospitality of the Cuban, but if we stay in a private house or travel in private cars, we eat in paladares outside of the most renowned, there are very good places in Cuba where we can taste a typical Cuban food, where white rice and beans will always be present.

The Cuban sense and national pride

Discover the strong identity of Cubans, their sense of homeland and love for the land, their customs, discover that they feel the utmost respect for any nationality, but at the same time demand to be respected in what they believe and in their culture, roots, history always carved with sacrifice, like the mambises when facing the Spanish crown or against the powerful neighbor to the north, always maintaining respect, the same that they demand for themselves.

Different and no less beautiful landscapes

Cuba offers the visitor different landscapes, each more beautiful, from the Mogotes in the Viñales Valley, passing through Tope de Collantes in the Sierra del Escambray or El Nicho, a place that cannot be missed if you are a nature lover, already in the eastern part very close to Santiago de Cuba, we discovered the Gran Piedra in Sierra Maestra, the highest part of Cuba. We cannot forget the beaches and keys, many of them virgins that treasure treasures of Cuban flora and fauna, in short, Cuba will never leave us indifferent, but will surprise us at every step.